Angella Okawa, MA, LMFT (#83306) works with individuals and organizations interested in cultivating a mindful and compassionate way of being with difference. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary background of psychology, design thinking and mindfulness, Angella has created a framework and toolset to de-polarize the diversity conversation. She has a coaching and psychotherapy practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento Area.

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Disrupting Us vs. Them: Part 1

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Why We Polarize It is hard to not notice the heightened tensions in our country, especially after November 8th. We have seen groups of people being called “deplorables”, “snowflakes”, “racists”, “crybabies”... and…

7 Reasons Why Your Impact May Be Different Than You Intended

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One of the most valuable things I learned in my training as a coach and psychotherapist was the distinction between intent and impact. I always found it confusing that my actions…

Microaggressions: A Primer

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This article is for those interested in learning more about microaggressions in the workplace, school, and life. History of the word Microaggressions The term "racial microaggressions" was first coined in the 1970s…

How Our Identities Create Conflict

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"A man has as many social selves as there are individuals who recognize him." -- William James, The Principles of Psychology In my practice my clients learn quickly that arguments…
About Mindful Diversity

Mindful Diversity is a framework
for clinicians to engage with difference
with mindfulness and compassion.

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